Top Grade Leaf Teas in Round Tins

Our Gold Line began with the belief that fine quality, loose-leaf teas should be readily available to a wide audience of tea drinkers. It was also accompanied by the notion that top-grade teas are qualified in part by their leaf appearance and that consumers ought to have an idea of the tea inside each tin. Part of the pleasure in taking tea is visual — to behold the myriad forms and shapes that come from the Camellia sinensis plant — and so we designed labels for our Gold Line that clearly display this aspect of our finest products.

You are apt to see a variety of brands on market shelves touting popular staples such as Keemun and Dragonwell, but Foojoy brings you the best that each category has to offer. For example, look to our Jasmine Silver Pearls after infusion, and you will see more buds and tender tips rather than stems — a given type of tea may be common to many brands, but few can match the grade found in our Gold Line tins. The list has recently expanded to include a selection of Certified Organic teas.

Black Teas
Imperial Keemun Black tin image #3601 Imperial Keemun Black | 3.5oz
Beautiful, wiry leaves; winey Keemun flavor.
China Clipper Black tin image #3603 China Clipper Black | 3.5oz
Historically prominent black; wonderful finish redolent of dried fruit.
Yunnan Gold Budsets Black tin image #3605 Yunnan Gold Budsets Black | 3.5oz
Abundant budsets; brews a cup brimming with sweet flavor.
Lapsang Souchong Black tin image #3608 Lapsang Souchong Black | 3.5oz
Leaves are processed over pine fires for a smoky brew.
Green Teas
Lu'an Melon Seed Green tin image #3612 Lu'an Melon Seed Green | 1.76oz
A classic tea from Anhui w/ deep green leaves and clean flavor.
Tai Ping Tribute Green tin image #3613 Tai Ping Tribute Green | 1.76oz
Very long budsets with a bright green brew.
Spring Pavilion Green tin image #3614 Spring Pavilion Green | 3.5oz
An Gi "White" Green tin image #3615 An Gi "White" Green | 1.76oz
Unusual varietal whose leaves become celadon white when steeped.
Snow Monkey Green tin image #3616 Snow Monkey Green | 1.76oz
Thick, white strands among green leaves; rich taste without bite.
Curled Dragon Green tin image #3617 Curled Dragon Green | 3.5oz
Downy, whitish leaves; Complex and subtle, but with definitive finish.
100 Islands Green tin image #3618 100 Islands Green | 1.76oz
Similar to Lungching; fresh fragrance with rich and full flavor.
Tranquility Maofeng Green tin image #3619 Tranquility Maofeng Green | 3.5oz
A premium Maofeng; refreshingly sweet with chestnutty notes.
Rainflower Green tin image #3620 Rainflower Green | 3.5oz
Long, fine leaves with full green-tea flavor; well known in China.
Pi Lo Chun Spiral Green tin image #3621 Pi Lo Chun Spiral Green | 4oz
A spring tea of spiral budsets.
Lungching Green tin image #3622 Lungching Green | 4oz
Finest Dragonwell green; clear, sweet, yellow brew.
Before the Rain Tippy Green tin image #3623 Before the Rain Tippy Green | 2.5oz
A tender spring green tea.
Huang Mountain Green tin image #3624 Huang Mountain Green | 4oz
A "cloud and mist" tippy green tea.
Triple Cup Extra Green tin image #3625 Triple Cup Extra Green | 4oz
A full flavored natural green.
Sichuan Mengding Green tin image #3626 Sichuan Mengding Green | 4oz
Sichuan's "misty summit" green.
Lu Mountain Cloud & Mist Green tin image #3627 Lu Mountain Cloud & Mist Green | 1.76oz
A fine Maofeng from Lu Shan; hints of nuttiness without smokiness.
Mountain Snow Green tin image #3628 Mountain Snow Green | 2oz
A spring tea from An-Hui's most famous mountain.
Jade Dew Green tin image #3629 Jade Dew Green | 2.63oz
Straight, fine, pine-needle-like leaves w/ soft, round flavor.
Jasmine Teas
Jasmine Silver Needles tin image #3636 Jasmine Silver Needles | 1.76oz
An extravagant tea with feathery white buds and delicate flavor.
Jasmine Silver Pearls tin image #3637 Jasmine Silver Pearls | 4oz
Shaped, pearl-sized green tea buds.
Yin Hao Jasmine tin image #3638 Yin Hao Jasmine | 4oz
Abundant silver tips with fine jasmine bouquet.
Oolong Teas
Da Hong Pao Oolong tin image #3642 Da Hong Pao Oolong | 1.76oz
From the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian; almost startles with its dramatic notes.
Tung Ting Oolong tin image #3645 Tung Ting Oolong | 4oz
Finest Formosa Oolong; tightly rolled green leaves flecked with gold.
Imperial Garden Oolong tin image #3646 Imperial Garden Oolong | 1.76oz
Long leaves; fine floral aroma.
Monkey-Picked Ti Kuan Yin Oolong tin image #3647 Monkey-Picked Ti Kuan Yin Oolong | 4oz
Genuine An-Qi Ti Kuan Yin; bold, assertive flavor.
Orchid Oolong tin image #3648 Orchid Oolong | 3.5oz
Golden brew with medium body and excellent "floral" fragrance.
White & Pu-erh Teas
Yunnan Tribute Pu-erh tin image #3651 Yunnan Tribute Pu-erh | 4oz
An aged tea with a mellow, earthy brew.
Silver Tip White tin image #3653 Silver Tip White | 1.76oz
Composed entirely of white, downy tea buds; delicate, slightly sweet brew.
Organic GradesOrganic certifying agencies
Organic Lapsang Souchong Black tin image #3508 Organic Lapsang Souchong Black | 3.5oz
Leaves are processed over pine fires for a smoky brew.
Organic Lungching Green tin image #3520 Organic Lungching Green | 3.5oz
Flat, green leaves with a clear, sweet, yellow brew.
Organic Chunmee Green tin image #3527 Organic Chunmee Green | 3.5oz
Slender, twisted leaves brew a good, slightly smoky flavor.
Organic Gunpowder Green tin image #3529 Organic Gunpowder Green | 3.5oz
A strong green with leaves tightly rolled into pellets; suitable for Moroccan Mint.
Organic Jasmine Green tin image #3533 Organic Jasmine Green | 3.5oz
Fine leaves mingled with tips; excellent jasmine fragrance.
Organic Shui Hsien Oolong tin image #3549 Organic Shui Hsien Oolong | 1.76oz
Robust, thick leaves brew a light amber, easy-to-drink Oolong.
Organic Mutan White tin image #3556 Organic Mutan White | 1.76oz
Silvery buds mingled with green leaves; a toasty golden brew.